C++ class to generate GoogleEarth KML paths

Most of the time we have to chance to play around with a GPS module and somehow log its data, but no easy and quick way to visualize it. For me the solution was to create a simple C++ class that generates a GoogleEarth compatible KML file. This can be easily imported so that I can visualize the path my robot has taken.

C++ debugging macro

Debugging is a must when coding, regardless of how big or complex a project is. And althought there are tons of debugging tools out there, most are overpowered for my needs or simply introduce unnecessary code  even when in the release version.

Lightweight C++ logging class for Linux

Logging is not only a powerful debugging and maintenance tool, but also a basic security  element. In this case I wanted to save telemetry data of a multirotor without sending it to my laptop. Thus I wrote a simple logger that stores everything on the on-board uSD card. Although it's not perfect, it has proven to work as expected and be quite lightweight.