Guns Of Icarus Online: weapons chart

Guns of Icarus Online is a steampunk-themed video game based on a new concept of cooperation. You and your friends share an armed airship and have to fight enemy for fun and glory, but instead of controlling your vessel directly, you have to move to the different components to steer the ship (helm), keep your ship airborne (balloon, engines, etc) and run from turret to turret during intensive air battles and dogfights. The game is very fun and really stands out from other video games in the way it works on cooperative team playing.

Due to the amount of weapons, ammunition types, airships, and so on... you either learn from experiences what combinations work best, or if you are like me, you sit down and the numbers. In this regard, I made a small spreadsheet for my self some time ago, and thought other might find it useful. Here it is:

If you already own GOIO, please remember to write a small review on Steam, it really helps the devs out. And if you enjoy the game, do not hesitate to get Alliance, which adds huge air battles against whole enemy fleets and a lot of extra weapons and ships.

Also, if you happen lo like steampunk, checkout the Leviathan book series by Scott Westerfeld.

Note: pictures from the GOIO official website and the fan-made wikia page.

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