Guns Of Icarus Online: weapons chart

Guns of Icarus Online is a steampunk-themed video game based on a new concept of cooperation. You and your friends share an armed airship and have to fight enemy for fun and glory, but instead of controlling your vessel directly, you have to move to the different components to steer the ship (helm), keep your ship airborne (balloon, engines, etc) and run from turret to turret during intensive air battles and dogfights. The game is very fun and really stands out from other video games in the way it works on cooperative team playing.

Run Linux shell commands sequentially

It is possible to concatenate Linux shell commands using either && or || or ;.
  • && Run second command if the exit status of the first command is successful.
  • || Run second command if the exit status of the first command is not successful.
  • ; Run second command no matter what the exit status of the previous command.
As shown in the figure above, this can become very handy to concatenate Linux commands depending on their exit status, specially if the first command is rather slow and you do not want to wait for it to finish. For example, I use && all the time to compile some source code from the terminal and run it as soon as it finishes.

Note that you can run an arbitrary long number of commands sequentially, so go out and play while you leave your workstation finish a batch of commands.