Book recommendation: Leviathan series by Scott Westerfeld

Imagine how different World War I would have been if the Central Powers had had huge steam-powered battlemechs and fought against genetically modified beasts big as towers controlled by the Allies.

Surrounded by the tension of the war two characters emerge, Price Aleksandar of Hohenberg, who has no right to the throne yet is forced into hiding from the noble families of Austro-Hungary, and Deryn Sharp, a 15-year-old Scottish girl who wants to join the Royal Air Service to serve on an airship despite that women can not join the military.

The perfect book for one of those lazy rainy weekends, in which [Scott Westerfeld] reinvents WWI in a novel full of drama suited for old and young. Remarkable about this book are the illustrations by [Keith Thompson] who perfectly reflects the beauty but also repulsiveness of genetically modified beasts for war and the complexity of steam punk inspired battlemechs.

I hope you enjoy the trilogy as much as I did.

German war walkers

British airship

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